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Press Release: Macamallows
Written by Tina Bacon
Friday, October 03 2014 06:02
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The Pink Spatula | Mission, BC V2V 1M9

October 02, 2014


Mission marshmallow maven launches new confection worthy of trade mark

Now available to everyone, including those with food sensitivities

Mission, BC - Tina Bacon, founder of The Pink Spatula based in Mission, B.C., has been dreaming up marshmallow confections since 2009 but just months ago created a confection that hasn’t been seen before, the Macamallow™. After sending samples to some trustworthy mentors she was encouraged to, “get on it!” They were launched October 2, 2014 during the grand opening celebration at Well Seasoned, A Gourmet Food Store’s new location in Langley.

The Pink Spatula is a small, local business founded to create baked goods and confections made with natural ingredients using no colours or artificial flavourings. Macamallows™ fill a special place in the market where food sensitivities are ever increasing. These delectable sweets are wheat-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Macamallows™ are created to look like a macaron, the popular French cookie, but are made with fresh marshmallow batter and filled with a Belgian chocolate ganache. They are available in a two-pack or in a beautiful box of seven.

“This launch wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing group of successful woman mentors I have and the strong support small businesses have in B.C.,” shares Tina Bacon. “Mission Chamber of Commerce, South Fraser Community Futures, Youth Skills Canada, and BC Micro Business Training, are some of the businesses that have had an impact on our success.”

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More information:

Tina Bacon 604.755.1520 / 604.826.8596 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Baking Challenge #2 - Cinny Buns
Written by Tina Bacon
Wednesday, September 03 2014 05:02
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I was excited about this month's challenge from Butter Baked Goods new cookbook. Who doesn't love a great cinnamon bun?! Sorry, I can't bring myself to say "cinny bun" except in the's just not me. ;)

Baking Challenge #1 - Dream Slice
Written by Tina Bacon
Monday, July 21 2014 18:56
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Jasmine from Cook that Book sent me an offer I couldn't refuse! She has begun a monthly baking challenge in which we make one recipe each month from Butter Baked Goods new cookbook and report our findings. I've heard people raving about this book so I was excited to see what the hype is all about. I was pleasantly surprised! Its a very pretty book with lots of pictures and recipes that I want to try.

The Scones I've Dreamed Of...
Written by Tina Bacon
Wednesday, June 25 2014 04:59
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Ever since I tasted fresh scones from Clayburn Village Store, at a brunch hosted by the Sugarplum Sisters, I've been testing recipes to make my own at home.
The Twilight Wedding
Written by Tina Bacon
Friday, May 30 2014 03:05
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Yes, I mean THAT Twilight!
Tipsy Cranberries
Written by Tina Bacon
Saturday, December 28 2013 07:08
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Tasty, crisp, tart, sweet, tipsy, all wrapped up in one little morsel.

Big Changes This Year
Written by Tina Bacon
Saturday, October 12 2013 20:45
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I mentioned quite some time ago that changes were coming, but I had no idea when I said it how many would come, or how quickly they’d be upon us. We moved, we streamlined and specialized, we had staff changes, and now we are living with some serious health issues.